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Finexo Broker Review

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Trade Forex!
Finexo claims to have a superior, award winning Forex trading platform that clearly separates them from everyone else. The platform offers ease of use for the user in a comfortable and straightforward environment.


Is Finexo’s platform really so good that they are on a higher level than other brokers? Is their web-based platform really that easy to understand? Read on for our Finexo review and see for yourself.


Finexo Company info


Finexo is based in Dusseldorf, Germany with a full-service office in Shanghai, Germany. Established in 2003 by a group of highly experienced professionals, they aspired to bring average investors and novices to the Forex market.
They are a White Label partner of Saxo Bank, one of the formidable leaders in currency trading and under the auspices of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.


Consumer Feedback, Reviews, Complaints and Comments


Finexo’s customers are impressed with the simplicity of the platform as well as the knowledge and attentiveness that the customer service people have. They also commend the daily Forex reviews as being insightful, accurate and most important, understandable.


Cons: The comments came from investors who are relative newcomers to the Forex market.


What service does Finexo offer?


Finexo provides the following online trading services:


- Minimum deposit: $25 (starter account)
- Spreads on major currencies: 2-4 pips
- No commissions
- A wide array of trading tools including a variety of SMS alerts
- 24 hour customer support
- Support Chat and an instant messaging system
- Award winning trading platform that offers a clean and neat environment with chart and graph options and excellent usability.
- Sites in English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian, Russian, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, Hebrew, Hungarian and Turkish)
- Payment options: accepts bank wire, credit card, Neteller, MoneyBookers, PayPal and Liberty Reserve.


The Verdict


Finexo offers a highly functional and understandable Forex platform. They are a good place for experienced traders and a great place for investors looking to learn more about the Forex at their own pace and in a live setting.


They really charge nothing over the competitive spreads. No commissions, no trading fees etc. They have excellent customer service response time and provide good market information.


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eToro Review

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008



eToro claims to have found an innovative new kind of Forex trading platform which haven’t been seen before. The trading software shows the Forex markets in graphic illustrations that look like games.


Is eToro’s innovative trading platform just a scam or gimmick for beginners? Or is it a simple to use and reliable Forex trading platform for all type of Forex traders? Read on to find the results of the eToro review.



eToro Company info


eToro’s head quarter is based in Limmasol, Cyprus. The company has been founded on 2006 and is funded with $1.7 million. They support centers in 10 different countries.


Their domain name has been registered in November 2004. For more information about eToro you can search the BBB.


Consumer Feedback, Reviews, Complaints and Comments

EToro gets a lot of good customer feedback from trading beginners who love the easy trading interface in the form of a Forex game. They report that the software is easy to install and runs fast and stable.
The customer support was rated as excellent.


Cons: The feedback I collected is primarily from novice Forex traders.


What service does eToro offer


eToro provides the following online trading services:
- Minimum deposit: $50
- No commissions
- Spreads on major currencies: 2-4 pips
- Payment options: accepts bank wire, credit card and Pay Pal
- Demo account available
- Customer support from 6am - 10pm GMT
- Visual trading software: Trades are depicted through various creative representations, trade activity can be followed with ease.
- Chat function: real-time discussions of signals with other traders
- No Metatrader support
- 10 languages are supported (including English, Spanish, French)


The Verdict


eToro is an innovative Forex trading platform & broker that is well suited for novice Forex traders and traders who like a simple to use interface.


Very good customer support. No commissions are charged and the software is fast and reliable.


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ForexYard Review

Friday, August 22nd, 2008



ForexYard is another leading Forex Broker that claims to offer a secure trading platform which provides superior order execution, intuitive and user-friendly trading tools for both new and experienced Forex traders.


Is ForexYard a honest and reliable Forex broker or just another scam? Read on to find the result of my ForexYard review.



ForexYard Company info


ForexYard’s head quarter is based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Cyprus is a member state of European Union (EU) with one of the highest financial industry standards. The company is established in the Forex industry since 2004.


Their domain name has been registered in June 2005.


Consumer Feedback, Reviews, Complaints and Comments

There are many raving reviews for ForexYard. Customer like the good platform, the low spreads and the daily Forex information service per email. Another thing mentioned frequently is the excellent customer support and that small lots can be traded.


Cons: One customer mentioned that the demo account shows better results than he actually made when trading real time.


What service does ForexYard provide


ForexYard provides the following online trading services:
- instant Deposit with Credit Card
- start trading in minutes
- fixed spreads in all marketes (as low as 3 pips)
- daily forex market analysis
- 24-hour trader support center
- demo account (for the downloadable version)
- no Metatrader support
- software is available in over 11 languages (including English, German, Spanish, French, Finnish, Arabic, Chinese, Hungarian)


The Final Verdict


ForexYard is an honest and reliable Forex broker that I recommend.


The registration process is pretty simple, excellent customer support (for both novice and experienced traders). No commissions are charged.


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Easy-Forex Review

Friday, August 22nd, 2008



Easy-Forex claims to be the leading online Trading platform with the lowest instant deposit and with low spreads.


Is Easy-Forex a honest, reliable and legitimate Forex broker or just a scam? Read on to find the result of our Easy-Forex review.


Easy-Forex Company info


Easy-Forex’s head quarter is located in Limassol, Cyprus like many onther online Forex brokers. They have office in Chicago, Limassol, London, Manila, Melbourne, Sydney, Zurich, Tel Aviv. They have licenses in the U.S., EU and Australia.


A research of the domain name showed that the domain was registered in August 2001.


Consumer Feedback, Reviews, Complaints and Comments


I found many positive results about Easy-Forex broker. Customers like it for the simple design and very user-friendly interface, that they don’t charge for withdrawals.


I found very few negative comments. After reviewing those it’s pretty obvious that they are coming from beginner traders who lost money. But the losses are caused due to their own trading mistakes (like ignoring simple money management techniques).


What service does Easy-Forex provide


Easy-Forex is mainly known for its instant deposits and margin trading for as little as $100. Furthermore they run their own platform which can be accessed without downloading any software.


Here an overview of Easy-Forex services:
- Online access, no software download needed
- Fast online access
- Instant deposits via Credit Card
- Minimum deposit required for margin trading: $100
- Easy registration process
- No commissions
- Competitive spreads from 2-4 pips
- Real time quotes
- Personal service & training
- Security: Data security and privacy
- Traders are accepted from all countries
- Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Greek, Polish, Arabic, Chinese


The Verdict


Easy-Forex is a reliable and easy to use trading platform that is currently our No. 1 recommendation.


We like the easy registration process and the instant deposit via Credit Card. The trading platform can be accessed without downloading a software. It’s inuitiv and easy to work with. Ideal for novice Forex traders. No commissions are charged and no costs for withdrawals.


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